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The Obama administration has created a broad set of rules to strengthen federal student aid programs at for-profit, nonprofit and public institution by protecting student from aggressive or misleading recruiting practices and by providing consumers with better information about the effectiveness of career college and training programs.


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for Cosmetologist


Our purpose is to enhance individuals by providing, life skills, communication, skills, people skills, listening skills and business skills as they move from dependency to self-sufficiency. The purpose of education is to impart knowledge to a person that will result in a better quality of life. An educational facility must be accessible, diverse and responsive.


The field of cosmetology is accessible to anyone, offers a diverse range of opportunity and is responsive to the ongoing, changes and demands of lifestyle of all people. In multi-cultural, multi-ethnic groups students vary greatly in their own individual resources, natural aptitude and abilities, previous education, manual dexterity and experience.

Our courses are presented with the understanding that; students learn at a different rate of speed, they vary in progress and some learners require special consideration and patience. Furthermore, the instruction will follow these principles of learning. Learning is depthful when there is a need for learning, when you desire to learn by association (new knowledge from previous) and by doing. Having the opportunity, to share information and guide individuals to be creative and knowledgeable in subject matter that is not only lucrative, but also exciting, is extremely rewarding and a privilege. Helping student become proud to see themselves succeed with growing aspirations of becoming a licensed professional is rewarding as a school owner and a instructor.


We will encourage them to continue to increase their speed and utilize the scientific knowledge, terminology, as well as the life skills they will receive while enrolled in GP Institute of Cosmetology.


The education of our children is a critical job of staggering importantce. Success will require that we be more than “who we are” right now. It is not enough to just “try” our best. We have to do what is really needed. This will require skills, knowledge, vision and a new spirit of empowerment. We at GP institute of Cosmetology will teach our students methods that will enable them to offer a dependable service, which they can use for their future clients.


GP has the right prices, the right atmosphere, and the right personnel. We have learned from our competitors what is desirable and what is undesirable. We will also carry a full line of the most popular products and will be the place where anyone, can find the product they need.


Again welcome and thank you for choosing GP Institute of Cosmetology as the first step in your new profession.

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